OpenForms, a part of the OpenCities platform, was created to help local governments serve better.

The most direct interactions between people and government happen at the local level. When is my next trash collection? Please repair this pothole. How do I get a permit? 

Every day government processes thousands of these requests, and the more that people engage with their cities, counties and governments online, the more the website becomes the digital front door to your services.



OpenCities has been nothing less than transformational for the City of Grand Rapids. With OpenCities we didn't just redesign the website, we redesigned the way our city does business.”

Becky Jo Glover, City of Grand Rapids

Built with and for governments, OpenCities provides the website and forms functionality modern governments need to transform their digital customer journey, without custom coding.

As a SaaS platform that powers millions of resident interactions around the world, OpenCities leverages rich usage data and machine learning to continuously evolve your customer experience.

OpenCities enables Governments of every size deliver world-class digital experiences, by re-imagining how councils procure, deliver and evolve their website & online services. We look forward to demonstrating how OpenCities can help you serve better.