See how the City of Tea Tree Gully improved their customer service processes by digitizing over 100 services, and converting more than 36,000 customer service calls into clicks every year.

Like most large cities, Tea Tree Gully saw a growing number of people visiting their website wanting to engage and transact with them online.

Keeping up with their customers’ expectations meant allowing anyone, from virtually anywhere, to interact with them 24/7 from any device.

Clearly, uploading their existing PDFs to their website wasn’t going to get the job done.

By leveraging OpenForms as part of their new digital transformation strategy, they empowered their staff to build and improve their online forms with ease.

Now everybody could be a service designer.

And with over 100 services online, customers who used to call the City with their enquiry started transacting online, reducing the number of customer service calls by 36,000 every year. 


Online services available

More than 100 services are available for citizens in Tea Tree Gully to complete online. At any time, on any device.


Digital-first service design

Reducing the traction for people looking to register their pets or pay their rates online drove a 90% shift to digital for these key services.


Calls to clicks

Overall call volumes fell by 31%, or 36,000 calls annually, with a growing percentage of online submissions every year.


“We would see up to 70 customers waiting in line in our service area. Now, with OpenForms, we’ve had up to 90% shift online for some of our services, and we have seen a significant reduction in face-to-face transactions.”

Elissa Graves

Manager of Customer and Communications, City of Tea Tree Gully

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