City of Tea Tree Gully's digital-first approach

See how the City of Tea Tree Gully improved their customer service processes by digitizing over 100 services, and converting more than 36,000 customer service calls into clicks every year.

As part of its service transformation, CTTG was challenged to find an online forms platform that was both easy to use for city staff and residents, whilst accommodating the complex functional needs of the city, including integration with its legacy business systems.

Built with government, for government, OpenForms offered CTTG a powerful forms platform perfectly suited for the business of local government. From permits and payments, through reports and requests, OpenForms provided all the functions CTTG needed out of the box, and it could be integrated with Council’s customer request management system, document & records system, and names and addresses register.

Within one year of subscribing to OpenForms, the City digitised over 170, which resulted in over 12,000 digital submissions processed online. 


We would see up to 70 customers waiting in line in our service area. Now, with OpenForms, we’ve had up to 90% shift online for some of our key services, and we have seen a significant reduction in face-to-face transactions. The City also measured a 31% reduction in call volumes, with 36,000 less calls annually.”

Elissa Graves, City of Tea Tree Gully

Most notably, OpenForms saved CTTG’s customer service team over 60 hours per month in over-the-counter payments thanks to residents being able to easily transact online. Even the most complex of pricing and payment scenarios were digitised with OpenForms.


Before OpenForms, we just wanted to digitize our PDF’s. But when we started using OpenForms, we realised its not just about putting PDF’s online, but about improving the entire process experience.”

Chris Campbell, Digital Services Officer, City of Tea Tree Gully

OpenForms API’s were invaluable in helping CTTG achieve efficiencies says Chris “Direct integration into Content Manager (records management) is saving a lot of processing time. Customers used to send Freedom of Info requests by post, which we would need to open, catalogue, scan into CM, assess, invoice the resident, wait for payment, assign to the right person to start the application process. Now, the resident submits and pays online, it’s put into records management right away, customer service get a copy via email and can delegate to the right person. No handling, so much time saved”.


Imagine the customers’ delight when getting a response as quickly as half an hour after they’ve submitted a form.”

Silvana Segat, Project Officer, City of Tea Tree Gully


After the success of the first 20 online services, departments from across the city started reaching out to the web team, asking for their services to be put online. Thanks to the ease of use of OpenForms, CTTG empowered 22 people across the City to use OpenForms and transform their department services.


The Building and Planning team leveraged OpenForms to digitize one of the most complex processes in any council – development applications. Like many local governments, DA’s were a very manual process, with many steps and touchpoints for both City staff and residents. CTTG’s planning team received a large number of documents for every planning application, which needed to be manually checked and stitched together before being registered in the DMS system and assigned a case number. With OpenForms, CTTG digitised the entire process, automatically assembling and registering applications within DMS without human effort.

Using OpenForms, CTTG was able to create convenience not just for customers, but for staff as well. For example, CTTG digitised many workplace checklists which need to be completed daily. Staff simply selects their work location and OpenForm’s Smart Logic adjusts for users to complete the relevant checklists. Using digital signatures, users can sign the completed form, and using form APIs, the form is submitted straight into the City’s document management system as a record.


Things that would have traditionally taken us a long time, like calculating costs, processing payments and lodging requests into our records management system, is now all automated. OpenForms is revolutionising our services here at Tea Tree Gully.”

Chris Campbell, Digital Services Officer, City of Tea Tree Gully



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